The autumn programme 2016

ArgumentThe East Midlands Salon is taking a summer break but will be back in the autumn with a whole new programme. We begin with a special event in September:

Wednesday 28 September – What is the role of a Salon in the 21st Century?

Speakers will include Simon Belt (convenor of the Manchester Salon) on salon organisation and Dennis Hayes on the origins of the Salon – from his talk on ‘Sex and the Salon’. This is an informal discussion for supporter of the Salons and is by invitation only. If you would like to attend please email the Salon.

And in October we have our Battle of Ideas Satellite event:

Tuesday 18 October 2016 at 6.30 PM in the Hallmark Midland Hotel, Derby – Knowledge versus Skills: the great education debate 2016

Speakers at this ‘round table’ include the distinguished sociologist of education, Professor Michael Young and Katie Ivens, Director of the education charity Real Action.

Tuesday 8 November at 7 PM will be a post-Battle of Ideas satellite, sponsored by Academics For Academic Freedom- The future for free speech – will tackling ‘radicalisation’ mean the death of debate?

Speakers include, Abdullah Muhammed (Chaplain, University of Derby), Dr Roba Al-Ghabra (Solicitor with civil liberties lawyers Birnberg Peirce).


What do teachers need to know?


Initial teacher training underwent significant, perhaps fundamental, reform under the previous Coalition administration. A practical experience-based approach was favoured. Former Education Secretary, Michael Gove, argued that teaching should be understood as a ‘craft’ that was ‘best learnt as an apprentice observing a master’. Following this, funding shifted decisively to school-led programmes, in the belief that these would provide a common-sense alternative to the overly theoretical or ideological approach of many university-based programmes.

So what knowledge, skills and experiences do new teachers need? Does it help be understand teaching as a craft, a science, perhaps even an art? What balance should be struck between theory and practice? Do we need a new College of Teaching to act as a professional gatekeeper? And with increasing numbers of Academies now employing unqualified teachers, do teachers really need formal certification beyond their first degree? Continue reading


Reclaiming freedom in education and society

On Tuesday 17 March at 7:00PM in Hallmark Hotel Derby, Midland Road, DE1 2SQ Derby, the East Midlands Salon is hosting a discussion entitled ‘Reclaiming freedom in education and society’

Liberal education and the progress of knowledge depend on tolerance of the widest possible diversity of ideas and expressions of those ideas. As Mill described in On Liberty, revolutions in ideas depend on tolerating even the most countercultural arguments, and personal growth depends on confronting even the most seemingly false ideas. Continue reading


What is a university for?

In October 2014, the East Midlands Salon hosted a discussion entitled ‘What is a university for?’

Universities are distinct institutions that engage in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding without fear or favour. Historically universities have been seen as custodians and conduits for the best of intellectual thinking within and on behalf of society. This consensus view of what universities are for has been challenged by government and funding bodies concerned with the ‘impact’ of research and its benefits to wider society and the economy.

At the same time we have seen a complementary emphasis on the student as ‘consumer’ and a growing concern with ‘student experience’ and ‘student satisfaction’. Are we seeing the end of the university as a public good and its replacement by commercial forces or a shift in focus for the greater benefit of everyone in society?

Continue reading


‘Pob’ v ‘Blob’: Who is winning the hearts and minds of teachers?

The May 2014 Salon was a discussion of Education Secretary Michael Gove’s war against ‘The Blob’ –  his name for  left wing teachers and teacher trainers.

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